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About us

Being Bata affiliated means to be part of a group leader in the shoe retail market with more than 6.000 stores all over the world. Managerial risks are reduced to the minimum, thanks to the experience accrued as a franchisor and retailer with formulas that guarantee profitability and competitive advantage. Bata gives the confidence of a big partner on which you can always count on.

International Franchising 001

Our mission

Enter the new foreign markets through the Bata Retail system formula, to catch all the opportunities coming from the knowledge of the local markets, through the selection of reliable partners with a long term vision.

Our strategy

  • Analyze the local markets, the socioeconomic field (location, competitors, costs structure, average income and spending power) to point out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Share with the new partner our know-how in the shoe business.
  • Utilize all synergies with the Europe Retail structure.

Our goal

Expand on an international level the Bata brand exporting the Bata Retail system though the strong and well defined concepts: Bata Shoemaker

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Our Ideal Partner

Company or individual person with managerial spirit and willingness to develop a long term business plan.

  • Experiences in retail business (preference for companies whom manage different fashion Brands);
  • Availability of premises located inside historical centre, malls and attractive streets of cities and municipalities with over 100.000 town residents, giving priority to capital cities.
  • Availability of premises to open stores with a selling area of 150-200 sq.m).
  • Staff strongly customer oriented, ready to work into an international context.
  • Solid Financial situation to manage the business healthily.

General conditions

  • Three years contract renewable.
  • No opening fee.
  • Full assistance of the technical department for the project of the stores.
  • No charges for technical drawings.
  • Investment for furniture, tiles, lighting and accessories: avg. 150 sq. m. of selling area: 600 Euro per sq. m.
  • Investment opening stock: 60.000/80.000 Euro
  • Facilities for new openings
  • Free in- store advertising material.
  • Support on local advertising actions.
  • Guarantees: to cover the goods purchased a bank guarantee or letter of credit is required.
  • Franchise fees on the net turnover for the use of the trademark and know-how.

Success factor

  • Commercial area rating, competitor’s analysis and forecast store income.
  • Profitability and financial needs analysis.
  • Periodically monitoring of cash flow.
  • Best sellers re-supply
  • Qualified support for the new opening, with sales area organization, warehouse and visual merchandising.
  • Supervision, commercial and operational assistance for everyday operation.


Each Bata store offers personalized collection, to satisfy customer’s expectations through:

  • The presentation and selection of collections organized four times per year with the possibility to have the latest trends with fast delivery date.
  • Re-supply based on sales.


To help Bata store operation, Compar organizes and offers:

  • Staff training “on the job”, in Italy for a period of 1 weeks.
  • Periodical training courses on: product knowledge, retail sale techniques, visual merchandising, general store operation rules.
  • Permanent advice “on line” for all aspects concerning the commercial and administrative management.
  • Periodical visits of dedicated branch manager.

International Franchising 003

Store Concept


  • 150/200 SQ.M
  • Selling area 70%, Stock room 30%
  • Full service
  • Accurate visual merchandising
  • Target Customer: Contemporary and Fashion
  • Product Mix: Footwear (80%) - man, woman
  • Diversity (20%): leather jackets, handbags, belts and accessories.
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Per informazioni ed assistenza contattaci via email a o telefono al numero 041 8620719
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Password dimenticata?

Per informazioni ed assistenza contattaci via email a o telefono al numero 041 8620719
(lun - ven 9-19)

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